Welcome to EnviDan

We are happy that you will be a part of EnviDan Group. 

It is EnviDan’s mission to make a positive difference for customers, our employees and not least the green transition in society. In the following you can read about what we do to make it fun and challenging to go to work in EnviDan, as well as what it means to be an EnviDan. 


Who we are?


It is our ambition that it should always mean something to be a part of EnviDan. We always strive towards making EnviDan a great place to work, and we wish to ensure sustainable growth both from a people and from a business perspective.  Our philosophy is to protect the well-being of employees. We only reach our goals, if we have satisfied employees and we fight for it - every day. It is important to us that you have a healthy balance between your private and professional life.


In EnviDan, you will experience an informal atmosphere with a short distance to management. We have an open-door culture, which means that you can always ask questions and share ideas, problems, etc. We show trust in each other, which results in room for professional development and differences. No matter where you go in EnviDan, you will find that our employees have influence and a high level of information. EnviDan exists because of our knowledge and therefore knowledge sharing is of high importance to us.


Innovation is an important cornerstone in EnviDan's development. Therefore, we allocate +20% of the profit to the development of new technology and solutions. We cultivate innovation and make room for all ideas. We do this, among other things, through our idea bank, “Tanken”. You can place your good ideas in “Tanken” - it can be a business idea or an idea that can make everyday life even better. If the development team chooses to scale up the idea, you will of course be a natural part of it and take ownership of it.
Read more here (in danish): LINK


It is important to have fun together - both when we are at work and at social events. EnviDan arranges fun Christmas events, summer parties and other staff happenings that we look forward to every year. Once a year, all EnviDans get together from near and far to join the EnviDay - the annual strategy seminar, where employees gather in professional groups. The day always ends with a party where the EnviDan Band plays, so everyone feels like dancing. It contributes to a good and developing professional environment. That's how we succeed - together.



"Have you ever been involved in such an exciting project that you think we should make a video off it? Or make it to a great case for the website? If so, do not hesitate to contact Marketing & Communication. We can help you get started, prioritize in your key messages or produce news and video for social media. We do graphic design and can help express and improve resumes for tenders. We help with fairs, conferences, articles, ads and 1000 other things. "


Du kommer att träffa vår HR-avdelning som en av de första när du blir en del av EnviDan. Det är HR som ansvarar för ombordstigning av nya anställda, och det är också HR som har kontroll över våra personalhandböcker, lön, pension och mycket mer. Dessutom lägger HR-avdelningen mycket arbete på att ta hand om alla EnviDanere och främja välbefinnande på arbetsplatsen. HR genomför undersökningar av medarbetarnöjdhet och har också många aktiviteter som stöder vårt mission att ha hela anställda som bränner igenom utan att bränna ut.


"Is the project management system giving you a headache or you do not know how to specify your milage allowance? Do not hesitate to reach out to the Finance Team. Our doors and phones are always open. We help you with project creation, project finance, invoicing, and payment. For each employee, we handle transactions regarding hourly reports to time registration, travel allowances and much more. We are experts in our financial and project management system Maconomy, the travel and expense app Acubiz and EnviDan's analysis and reporting in Targit. "


Your IT workplace must provide the best conditions for you to work smoothly and efficiently. We make sure to maintain the best working condition for the employees while ensuring good IT security for EnviDan. At the same time, EDIT must be value-creating and support projects with the necessary project tools drone images, webinars etc. In addition, there is always help to pick up at helpdesk@envidan.no.



Please come to your Eleverum office at 27.04.22 and Gardermoen office 28.04.22. This day you get a new computer and docking station. You can log in with your initials and the access code you have received via text message.  See list with initials here LINK

You keep your current mouse, keyboard and screens. If these do not fit into the new docking station (which has HDMI and DisplayPort), we will provide you with cables ASAP.

Keep in mind that your new primary email address is “initials”@arealtek.no. Your old email address will continue to work and forward mails to the new account. You will also get email alias “initials”@envidan.no so you are able to receive emails on your EnviDan email address. If you need to sign in to Microsoft's online services, use your "user principle name" which is “initials”@envidan.no.

The network on the Arealtek offices will be configured to EnviDan network. When the new network is implemented, you will have full access to all the systems and devices in EnviDan from your new computer.

All the existing printers and plotters will still be in use but just reconfigured to EnviDan network.

Data saved locally on your computer will not be transferred as part of the IT transition. You should therefore move these data by yourself to the USB stick that will be provided to you.  



You keep your current phone, your current Phonero mobile number.  In addition, you get a Microsoft Teams number that can be used to make calls and attend meetings from your computer internally and externally. To be able to access EnviDan systems on your mobile device, you must download the Intune Company Portal app and register your device in the app. You must use your “initials”@envidan.no e-mail address for this. When this is done, EnviDan standard apps will be automatically sent to your device. When your computer is running on the EnviDan network, you can find a guide for this on EnviDan's intranet “ConnectED” in “IT Handbook” at: LINK


Our intranet is called ConnectED. Here you will find a number of relevant information. On the front page, we have tried to collect some of what people use the most. For example. this is where you will find the "Everything for everyone" box, here all employees can write and comment on posts, and  that the channel is used both professionally and socially. You will also find company information on the front page. Here, the Executive Board publishes information and the channel is also used for other information that the entire EnviDan group wants to know.

It is also at ConnectED that you will find information about the employer-handbook, our IT-handbook, quality and environmental management and many other things.



Data transfer and network changes will be carried out in 27.04.22 in Elverum and 28.04.22 I Gardermoen. There will be a freezing period during both days. During the freezing period it is important that you do not work within below listed systems and files that are affected by the IT transition.   

Work locally with individual files and then place the files in the right place (be aware of the possibility that others also work with the same files).

Data transfer is planned for the following systems:Shared files, Mails, Onedrive and Teams.

The economy system and all the data will be transferred to EnviDan economy system Maconomy after the IT transformation. There will added separate information about this.


If you have any questions regarding the IT installation in EnviDan, please contact us at helpdesk@envidan.no or by phone +47 21896924. This applies to general IT issues as well as inquiries about specific software, access rights, etc. You can write both in norwegian and english. We are here to help you through the IT transition as smoothly as possible.

Also visit the “IT handbook” on our intranet to get information about IT guides, IT security policy etc .: LINK